System & Safety Assurance

On major projects, the development and delivery of systems can extend across a hierarchy of system, sub-system and component suppliers which, when coupled with increasingly complex technological systems, results in a need for sophisticated client requirements and interface management processes. Scott Lister’s systems approach to the design and delivery of major projects ensures that User Requirements are met by delivered solutions and are proven to be so.

Our approach is built around decades of experience in high-risk, “state-of-the-art” technology industries, such as the defence, nuclear and aviation sectors.  Our approach has been further tailored to suit less technologically focussed industries where the organisational interfaces are nevertheless just as complex.

Our systems engineering and assurance services extend across all boundaries from project feasibility and concept development, to delivery, test and commissioning and through-life support. Our services include:

The development of systems requirements specifications that are cognisant of all facets of a systems operating environment.

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety assessment methodologies that encompass a risk-based approach.

Compliance Management and Assurance Program development and implementation, including technical requirements management services.