Project Integration & Governance

Fundamental to the success of engineering and development projects of all natures is the need for the ultimate product to be fully integrated into the operation of the business. The road to this full project integration has to be transparent and managed using the best possible data and project management assessment tools. Scott Lister project managers bring profound experience and expertise in establishing the appropriate governance for the individual development and customer. Our expertise and experience means that we know that there can rarely be an off the shelf solution that will deliver the best results.

Our project integration and governance services cover many areas, including:

Researching, engaging,  advising on and developing the project commercial processes

Identifying, analysing and Managing stakeholders and stakeholder groups.

Programming-strategic and detailed

Reporting and decision making project tools, including appropriate and specific project governance, including the right Programme Management Office

Information control and management

Stage Execution Planning

Managing in Stage Deliverables

Safety, Security and Sustainability Management

Integrating into business Management Systems and

Integrate into Maintenance Operations

 Above all, in the specific support that we provide, our consultants will work to minimise risk and maximise the opportunities.