SYSTRA Scott Lister will be presenting at the 17th Australian International Aerospace Congress


SYSTRA Scott Lister is pleased to announce that Dr. Vamsi Madasu, Senior Consultant and Lead for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) within the Technology Solutions division of SYSTRA Scott Lister will be presenting a paper and chairing a session on UAS airworthiness and regulations at the 17th Australian International Aerospace Congress.  The Aerospace Congress which is held in conjunction with the International Avalon Airshow is a premier aviation event in Australia with participation from around the world.

Dr. Madasu’s paper, “A novel regulatory framework for airworthiness certification of small UAS” is scheduled on 28th February at 10:30am.  Please refer to the Congress program for venue and further details.

Abstract of the paper

National and military aviation authorities around the world have prescribed regulations on the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) which cover the need for airworthiness approval, registration, operating permissions and pilot qualifications. Even for the smallest of these UAS, there are stated rules on both technical and operational aspects. The basis of almost all these regulatory frameworks is the risk posed by the UAS to other airspace users and third parties on the ground. The gravity of the risk varies significantly depending on the type of UAS, equipage, and its intended operation. Therefore, any regulatory framework for UAS should ideally comprise of a classification scheme that provides graduated levels of safety assurance based on the characteristics of the UAS and its proposed area of operation. Utilising this concept, a novel regulatory framework (sub-classification and technical criteria) is proposed for small UAS in Australia. Both the sub-classification and the associated technical criteria provide for full scalability according to the risk associated with the operation of these UAS. This novel, risk-based regulatory framework would ensure that low-risk UAS operations are subjected to minimal criteria whereas more stringent technical criteria or operational limitations are levied on higher risk operations.

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