“Mid-way through the SYSTRA 2018 plan, our results confirm our ambitions: to double our revenue, Ebit and headcount within five years. Thanks to the dedication of all our teams, SYSTRA is financially sound and has a well-filled order book. We have everything we need to continue expanding and remain a leader in the design of guided transport infrastructures,” says Pierre Verzat, Chairman of the Executive Board.

Growth in our results, in line with our growth plan
Although the global economic environment remains tense, SYSTRA’s results continue to grow. The Group generated revenue of €623 million, up 18% in relation to 2014. EBIT also grew by 18% to €25.5 million, however it did not quite reach the initial target due to difficulties in certain economies.

Parallel to this healthy financial situation, the order book remains at a high level at almost €1 billion.

The Group’s international expansion is speeding up: 55% of revenue from outside of France
France, the Middle East and Asia account for 76% of the Group’s revenue and today are the main sources of SYSTRA’s activity. For the first time since the merger in 2011, the Group’s international activities represent 55% of revenue.

Since 2014, SYSTRA has been ramping up its presence on key markets, underpinned by a strategy of targeted acquisitions. After acquiring SAI in India in 2014, SYSTRA forged ahead with the integration of two companies in 2015: TECTRAN in Brazil and JMP Consultants in the UK. It continued on a similar vein in early 2016 with the acquisition of Dalco Elteknik in Sweden and Scott Lister in Australia. A total of almost 1,000 employees have joined SYSTRA over the last two years.

At the end of 2015, SYSTRA had offices in 61 countries through subsidiaries or branches, and operated projects in 80 countries.

Over 600 new employees to accompany our growth
The headcount increased by +13% in 2015. The Group now has a total employee headcount of 5,400, of which 3,000 outside of France. A similar increase is targeted in 2016 to accompany the Group’s growth and to reach a total headcount of 7,000 by 2018.

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