Our People & Culture

Success can only be achieved if we work together

At Scott Lister we believe that our most valuable asset is our people and we strive to ensure each employee’s performance is improved by experience, motivation and personal development.  Our success within Scott Lister has been created from the team and individuals who rise above the challenges to deliver up to and beyond the client’s expectations.

Expertise, skills and knowledge are shared within Scott Lister to ensure individuals have access to relevant information, with the ability to expand their individual knowledge base.  Scott Lister also prides itself on a large training programme to expand an employee’s expertise within a particular field of interest to benefit the individual and company as a whole.

Leadership within Scott Lister is a desired mindset which is created through empowerment and accountability; we encourage new ideas and leadership in the knowledge that it will drive the company forward.  Through this leadership individuals at each level are responsible for his or her own actions to succeed and grow within Scott Lister.

Scott Lister has a vibrant culture which is filled with social events throughout the year; by striving for excellence from individuals and Scott Lister as a whole, we recognise that success can only be achieved if we work together.